Survivors Fighting for Change Foundation (SFC) is a registered non-profit organization in Canada that is run entirely by donations and volunteers.

What We Do & Why
Survivors Fighting for Change Foundation (SFC) is an Alberta based Non Profit Organization that is dedicated to advocating for victims of child sexual abuse (CSA) and lobbying the government for changes to our Criminal Code in order to better protect society and restore faith in the judicial system. We are the first of our kind and we are growing fast.  This is beyond unacceptable and continues to worsen rather than improve, meaning more needs to be done to prevent it, both by the government through policy, and by society through awareness and education. This is why our focus remains on community awareness and education, as well as legislative changes through our organization’s petitions.

How We Help Victims Directly
Survivors Fighting for Change Foundation (SFC) offers support to victims whose cases are still in the court process. We do our best to provide information and answer questions as well as confirm information directly through the courts. Depending on the specifics of the case and the accused offender’s history, some cases are good candidates for a community petition that we submit directly to the courts. If you are a victim or are associated with a victim who could use some support and possibly information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team today by emailing survivorsfighting@gmail.com


As an Alberta Not-for-Profit organization, Survivors Fighting for Change Foundation (SFC) is run by a Board of Directors that meets monthly with an Annual General Meeting that takes place in the 3rd week of January.

Katherine King


Melissa Erickson

Vice President

Cherie Easton


Cherie Easton


Cherie Easton

Advocacy Director

Mike Meilleur


Whitney Petrie


Cherie Easton



As we are a not-for-profit, we rely on donations from our supporters to help us cover our costs to aid in supporting victims and our awareness/Child ID kit events. Our budget is spent on court documents (for verifying charges), printing fees, accountant fees, and Child ID kits.  Our organization is not able to provide charitable receipts for tax purposes, this is because our organization lobbies the government & courts for change through our federal and community petitions. Our team recognizes that there are several much-needed changes within our current system, so we have agreed that lobbying for these necessary changes was more important than receiving government funding and the ability to issue tax receipts. This means that we need help from our supporters to cover our operating costs. This includes everything from insurance, to supplies for our awareness events and child ID kits.

Email: survivorsfighting@gmail.com
Passcode: fighting

Survivors Fighting For Change Foundation (SFC)
P.O. Box 70066
Londonderry, Edmonton AB T5C 3R6

In-Kind Donations
For companies who are interested in supporting and would prefer to write off the associated cost, please contact our team directly. We can provide a list of supplies and promo items that can be purchased directly by your company and gifted to our organization.

Non-Profit Registration Number


Survivors Fighting for Change Foundation (SFC) is run entirely by volunteers with no members being paid. We rely on volunteers to ensure we are able to meet our goals and reach as many Canadians as possible, providing awareness, information and petitions to encourage some much-needed changes! We are always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals with different backgrounds and experiences who can bring new and fresh perspectives to the table. Do not hesitate to apply with our organization and join our team in working towards invoking change.

Become a volunteer and work with our organization to help provide awareness, information, support and change for victims and communities across Canada. 


Canvassers are very important in helping us get our petitions into as many hands across Canada as possible. The more Canadians who are aware of the changes we are seeking, the more support we can get, which increases the likelihood of our petitions making real changes to better protect children across Canada. Canvassers collect signatures for our petitions at their own discretion. SFC provides instructions and petitions, and canvassers are free to collect signatures from friends, family, coworkers, neighbours, etc. Canvassers then mail the original copies back to SFC to be submitted to be certified.


Survivors Fighting for Change Foundation (SFC)
PO Box 70066 Londonderry
Edmonton, AB  Canada T5C 3R6

E-mail: survivorsfighting@gmail.com
Website: www.survivorsfighting4change.ca