While working with victims and their families we were being asked a lot of questions about the court system, how to find out when the next court date is, what it was set for and what to expect, how to access their court files and supports available for victims and families, how they can prevent it from happening again, and from happening to others.
There are some great organizations already in place designed to help with a lot of this, but we were being told by several families that they were waiting days and weeks for updates and information. Unfortunately these organizations are overwhelmed and underfunded as is, with the number of victims increasing every year, we aren’t surprised there are delays in communication and supports available. Our team already is familiar with accessing court documents as we requested information often in order to confirm charges, conditions, and court dates for adults with charges that we are petitioning. We started confirming information for families that we were already helping in other ways, in order to help ease their burden throughout the entire process. We learned that due to publication bans, these families cannot seek public support, and often stay silent about what they’re struggling through as a family or as individuals. We are told these families and victims feel isolated and alone, so if at the very least we can provide any bit of support and community awareness on their behalf, then we are happy to do what we can to help. 
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